the teacher wants us to write Five Paragraph about what does Value have to do with Investment and what does it have to do with Time Management.

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Value deals with the potential worth of goods or services. Most individuals want to invest (to spend their money to purchase) goods or services that will increase in value over time. In order to accomplish this, investors need to spend time investigating areas in which they are interested and learning about the potential for growth in value. Investors can protect themselves from some risk by diversifying their investments, which means putting some money into different types of goods or services instead of investing all of their money in one place.

Time management figures into investment planning because investors are often involved in planning for a future time when they will want to use profits from their investments for specific purposes, whether those be making further investments, paying for special expenses, or providing a source of income during a period of unemployment or at retirement.

By exploring and explaining these topics, you should be able to fill five paragraphs with valuable information.