Is a teacher the key to increasing reading in school?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The is a good question and I would say "yes" and "no." First, teachers are very influential people. Students look up to them and so if teachers can model good behaviors and practices, such as reading, then it could help students to imitate them and find joy in reading. Teachers also spend a good amount of the day with children. So, they have an opportunity to show the joys of reading in various ways. With that said, teachers are limited. We need to be realistic.

We need to realize that as important as teachers are, parents and the home life is more important. Hence, we can answer "no," to a certain degree. Children will pick up much more from their parents. So, if parents are consistently reading and not watching TV, then children will learn to model their behavior. Good practices stem from home.

greyladyn | Student
Yes, the teacher is key to increasing reading in school. The teacher must show enthusiasm as she reads to the students. She must choose selections to read to her students which are interesting and exciting. She must read with expression and animation. She must allow students to have free time to read for recreation. She must be an example for her students, and be seen reading in her spare time. Parents cannot be counted on to be the prime examples to their students. In an ideal world, parents would read to their children nightly, read extensively from intellectually challenging books in their spare time, and limit TV and video games. This is not, however, an ideal world, and many parents have work schedules or intellectual limitations which prevent them from being role models. The teacher therefore, is ideally positioned to be the "key".