Is the story "the address" related to world war 2 and nazis and all then how??just the brief expalation i want ......

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Minca's short story does have direct connections to World War II and the aftermath that followed for those who survived it.  The premise of the daughter who seeks to reclaim the memories of her departed mother is something that can connect to the survivors of the Second World War, who themselves had to endure a great deal of reconnection and attempts at rebuilding their own lives- past and future in the context of the present.  The fact that the daughter expresses not wanting to go back and some level of reticence at the task in front of her might be another connection to World War II and those who survived the Nazis.  The horrific nature of what was endured at the hands of the Nazis convinced many who survived that there was little value in attempting to go back and reconnect their own lives to the past.  The story's emotional compass which is filled with pain and regret, but also comprised of a desire to move onwards and not revisit what had happened is something that has immediate connection to the Second World War.  The setting of the story as taking place immediately following the war is also another valid connection present.