In Taylor's "Huswifery" what conclusions can be drawn about Puritan life and ideals? 

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A modern reader could draw a conclusion that God and faith are central to a Puritan's everyday life. The poem essentially reads like a prayer, so it's clear that the narrator's focus is on God. The poem also shows how Puritans desired to be used by God as a tool and mechanism to further advance his kingdom. A Puritan's view wouldn't ask God to make him or her great. A Puritan's view would ask God to make God great through their normal, everyday work and lives. The poem indicates this by narrating how God should help the person better perform each step of cloth making. If each step is done with God's help and care, then the final garment will better reflect God's glory. That's an important end goal for the Puritans--a God and Christlike reflection.