Is Taylor Launter (Jacob Black in the "Twilight" movie) going to play in "New Moon"?I'm only asking this because he is hot,and there are a lot of rumors that he is and he's...

Is Taylor Launter (Jacob Black in the "Twilight" movie) going to play in "New Moon"?

I'm only asking this because he is hot,and there are a lot of rumors that he is and he's not..........I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!

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Officially, the cast has not been set for the sequel.  There are plenty of rumors that he will not be in the second movie, and also that he is trying to fight his way into the second movie through several meetings with the production company.  But until there is a published cast list for "New Moon," we won't really know for sure.

If you have read the books, you should understand the reservations they have about putting Taylor in that role for "New Moon."  While he may have been a great Jacob in "Twilight," Jacob's character goes through a LOT of changes in "New Moon" and becomes a lot more prominent than he was in "Twilight."  I'm not sure that Taylor will physically be able to portray the "New Moon" Jacob realistically.

Either way, I'm sure he will continue to act in other movies, and you can always catch more of him by renting "SharkBoy and LavaGirl."  I hope you aren't too disappointed one way or another. :)

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yes and good thing 2...Taylors awsum!!


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i heard that he might play in the new moon but that the directors needed a mature person his jacob black role. and that taylor launter was to young to play. but i bet to differ because he is really hot with a double 't'

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In a magazine I recently read, it said that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black in New Moon. He almost lost his role for being too scrawny (Jacob really bulks up in New Moon). But, it said that Taylor Lautner worked to build some muscles, and he saved his role. Vanessa Hudgens has also recently auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater. 

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Taylor Launter IS playing Jacob in New Moon and Eclipse, for sure.  It is posted on Stephenie Meyer's website.

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i agree with you jessecreations the role of jacob black  calls for a more cute and handsome grown up guy no offense. if you read the book you will know that bella  falls for him after edward leaves herand goes to italy.

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