In "The Pardoner's Tale" by Geoffrey Chaucer, the tavern knave tells three young men that Death has taken a friend of theirs, and the publican tells them where they will find Death. Through what method does Death kill in this story? 

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In "The Pardoner's Tale" by Chaucer, three young drunk men are in a tavern when they hear a bell. They look to see what the bell signifies and find some men carrying a dead man to his grave. Upon asking who this man was, they are told he was a very old man who had his heart crushed by a thief named "Death." After some discussion, the three drunks decide that they will go and find this thief and kill him. Shortly after heading out to find "Death," they come across an old man, who they treat very rudely. He tells them where they can find "Death," and they proceed down a crooked path to an oak tree, where they find a large amount of gold coins. They quickly realize they can't carry all of the gold in broad daylight where others will see them and assume they are thieves, so they draw lots to decide who should go back to town and get food and wine while the other two stay with the treasure. Then, they can carry the gold back after dark. While one is gone, the other two decide to kill him on his return by stabbing him, and the third man, who has gone to town, plots to poison the wine of the first two and keep the treasure for himself. This all plays out, and they all end up meeting "Death."

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