In the short play entitled, "Tape" by Jose Rivera, who does No Name represent?

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There are only two characters in the play entitled, "Tape," written by Jose Rivera. There is nothing to indicate whether the characters are male or female.

The first character is simply called "Person." As this play is about one's judgment after death, Person might be compared to Everyman, a medieval morality play of unknown authorship. In Everyman...

...God sits in judgment of Everyman’s soul.

In this play, the protagonist represents all human beings (or every man...and woman). The play describes what happens to Person—and eventually to all people...

There's no differentiation. Everyone's equal.

Person discovers that everything he has ever said, especially the lies, has been recorded. While every person must go through this process, some spend less time in the room because they have lied less. However, Person has to sit and listen to ten thousand boxes of reel-to-reel tapes...tapes that are very long and so require an extended period of time to listen to. This is, in a sense, similar to what some...

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