For "Tape" by Jose Rivera, summarize the plot of the play.

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The plot of a story is:

...the order of events in a narrative or any other type of story.

This story is a tragedy which is... a form of art based on human suffering...

In Jose Rivera's play entitled, "Tape," we meet two characters. The first is the Person and the second is the Attendant. As we study the plot, we see the development of the Attendant as a character diametrically opposed to the Person.

It appears that the Person has died. We first see him in a room he has just entered that holds a table and chair, with drinking water on the table. The Person is uncomfortable. His comments about the Attendant's concern over poor lighting lets the audience know that he knows he is dead:

I guess, what does it matter now?

The play represents a man's confrontation with the...

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