Taoists disdain the social world. Explain.

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The basic belief systems of Taoism are ones predicated upon individual embraces of understanding and enlightenment.  I am not sure if "disdain" is too strong a word, but Taoists believe that this is a process where individuals find their own path to follow within the Taoist faith.  This is not necessarily seen as a communal process, whereby one has to follow a group or social sect of being.  Rather, the Taoist community is defined by the individuals within a particular group.  The "tao" itself is something that individuals have to find, the "way" is something that must be found internally.  A Taoist society can be established, and there are social setting where Taoism is evident.  Yet, I think that that following of "the tao" is not something that can be done as a group or as a collective entity.  The ability to find one's own path is compromised to an extent when in a group.  It might be to this extent that Taoists perfer the spiritual explanation to take place on an individual basis and not one that is social, in nature.