In Tangerine, who does Paul like at the carnival?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Paul likes Kerri Gardner at the carnival.

Kerri is a friend of Cara Clifton, who apparently is in a relationship of sorts with Paul's friend Joey. At Mike Costello's viewing and rosary, Cara comes over to Joey and gives him "a big hug right in front of everybody." Kerri later comes up to comfort Cara, who is "crying uncontrollably" after the ceremony, and looks over at Paul, saying, "Hi...I hear you're a great soccer player." Paul, who does not receive a lot of attention from girls because of his thick glasses, is stunned, and does not know what to say.

At the carnival, which Paul attends with Joey, Cara and Kerri are hanging out with some guys. When Cara sees Paul, she again comes up and puts her arm around Joey right away. Paul, however, who had been hoping to run into the girls, is disappointed to find that Kerri does not pay much attention to him this time. She is busy socializing with the other guys, and ends up going on "the big double Ferris wheel" with "one of the guys from the group...a guy named Adam...a guy who doesn't wear glasses and who knows how to talk."

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