In Tangerine how does the Lake Windsor football team lose all of its winning records?

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The Lake Windsor football team loses all its winning records when Antoine Thomas admits he lives in Tangerine (instead of Lake Windsor) and, as a result, the county votes "to nullify all victories by the Lake Windsor High School Team over the last three seasons."  This is tragic for the school and the players.  

The entire lie begins when Antoine Thomas wants to play for the Lake Windsor football team because it is known to be better than that of Tangerine (where Antoine actually lives); therefore, he lies about his address.  Antoine is hoping to get a football scholarship as a result.  When Antoine's lie begins to affect his sister's life, Antoine cannot live with the guilt anymore.  This is when he comes forward and admits that he lied to the Tangerine County Sports Commission.  The result is the nullification of all the Lake Windsor victories for three seasons.  What this means is that the record is wiped clean.  Any game Lake Windsor won and any record that any individual player made is wiped away like they never happened.  It changes Lake Windsor's perfect winning record to a tragic opposite:  zero wins and thirty losses.

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