In The Taming of the Shrew, did Katherina or Bianca have the more successful marriage?

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I have to concur with my fellow editors on this one. Whilst Bianca spends most of the play appearing to be the meeker and milder sister, she shows her true colours at the end of the play in Petruchio's competition. Having won her man, she now no longer needs to make him feel like the centre of the universe and is free to follow her own selfish desires. Katharina, on the other hand, recognises the rights and responsibilities that come with being married, having been effectively "tamed" by Petruchio. They will definitely have the happier marriage.

If things continue on the path they began, Katherine will have the more successful marriage.  I might not have said so except for one telling moment in the last act.

Petruchio is obviously the "tamer" in their marriage, and Kate has learned the hard way how to get what she wants from him.  When they are at her father's house, Kate is summoned to her husband.  The gentlemen have placed a wager on which of their ladies will or will not come when...

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