In The Taming of the Shrew, is Katherine being tamed?

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I took a slightly different reading of your question and laughed, yet again, at the possibility that it is Petruchio that has been tamed and not Katherina at all.

I agree that Katherina absolutely has altered her behavior and is no longer irate and ill-tempered all of the time.  Perhaps that is being tamed.  Oh, but I always enjoy going so much further than that by saying that it is Petruchio who has truly learned to love another and, through this intelligence, has been able to temper Katherina to the fullest.  Even eNotes summary describes Petruchio (at the early part of the play) as "slovenly and vulgar."  An avid description, to be sure.  However, by the end of the play (and even amid tests of her compliance) Katherina is invited by Petruchio to share in his jokes, such as "mistaking" Vincentio as a young woman.  Further, I submit that some of his tests are actually moments when he engages in word play with Katherina (such as the latter sun/moon incident) so as to make her an absolute...

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