In "A Talk to Teachers," what relationship does James Baldwin establish with his audience in the opening two paragraphs?

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Baldwin establishes a relationship of openness right from the start as he immediately addresses the harshest domestic social problem of his time: "The society in which we live is desperately menaced, ... but from within." He also establishes honesty with his audience of teachers; he reiterates what everyone already knows but might be hesitant to say: "we are living through a very dangerous time ... We are in a revolutionary situation." Baldwin further establishes honesty, which is an important element of his relationship with the teachers to establish since he is an outsider as a non-teacher giving counsel to teachers: "I am not a teacher myself." Transparency is established as he speaks diffidently about himself and points out his vulnerability: "[I] in some ways am fairly easily intimidated."

Ethos can be defined in rhetoric as the emotion an author or speaker expresses or displays in an effort to persuade his audience (Encyclopedia Britannica). The relationship Baldwin establishes derives...

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