Discuss the theme of friendship in A Passage to India

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A principal focus of A Passage to India is the relationship between colonialism, race, and friendship.

The nature of Dr. Aziz's association with both Fielding and Miss Quested is central to the story. Aziz considers himself a friend to both of them, genuinely is a friend, and feels his positive feelings reciprocated. Yet Miss Quested turns the friendship into something else by imagining that Aziz has sexually assaulted her inside the mysterious Marabar Caves.

Until this point, Aziz has gone out of his way to make himself accepted to the Europeans. Unfortunately, this striving for acceptance was an inevitable factor in the colonial system, but the result was often a betrayal of friendship, or at least a perception of such betrayal by the injured person. Aziz is betrayed not only by Miss Quested but by Fielding as well. Although Fielding has believed him innocent, and although Aziz is acquitted of the charges, Fielding's continued friendship with Miss Quested in the aftermath of the trial...

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