In A Tale of Two Cities, would the characters Defarge, Stryver, and Sidney Carton be considered honorable or dishonorable? I need this question answered ASAP! please and thank you

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Few people are only good or bad; only the flat characters of early movies were the guys who "wore white hats" and "the ones who wore black hats."  So, although the characters of A Tale of Two Cities are not drawn as thoroughly as is typical of Charles Dickens, they do exhibit both redeeming characteristics as well as dishonorable ones.  Here is an outline of these characters:

  • Ernest DeFarge is a Jacques, a member of the sans-culottes who are planning the revolution against the aristocracy.  He is a bold, dark man who is married to the intensely vengeful Therese DeFarge.  However, he is also the former servant of Dr. Manette and he shows the prisoner from the North Tower kindness and respect despite his...

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