In a Tale of Two Cities, what incited Sydney Carton to plan a safe exit from Paris for Lucie and others?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sydney learned that Lucie and her daughter were to be condemned by the revolutionaries because of their association with a known aristocrat (Charles Darnay). He has pledged himself to Lucie to save her life or the life of anyone she loves. This will now include Miss Pross, Mr. Lorry, Doctor Manette, and Jerry Cruncher, as well as Charles. He has devised the scheme of drugging Charles in prison, switching places with him (since he and Charles look so similar), and having him carried out by John Barsad, claiming that it is Sydney overcome in the cell. These people all have letters which allow them to leave Paris and France. The plan is successful, though Miss Pross loses her hearing when she and Madame Defarge are struggling and the pistol goes off near her ear. Madame Defarge is killed, and Miss Pross and Jerry leave in a separate carriage, eventually meeting up with Charles, Lucie, and the others.

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