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A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens
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In a Tale of Two Cities, what incited Sydney Carton to plan a safe exit from Paris for Dr. Mannette, Lucie, and the others?

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Sydney Carton learned that Lucie and her daughter were also to be condemned by the tribunal and most likely be put to death, because of their relationship to Charles Darnay, who is on his way to the guillotine the following day. Sydney therefore devises a plan by which Lucie, her daughter, her father, as well as Jerry and Miss Pross will be able to leave France before this happens. He plans to exchange places with Charles, having promised Lucie that he would do anything for her or for anyone she loves. He fulfills this promise with his life. He drugs Charles, exchanges places with him successfully due to their similarity of appearance, and has John Barsad take Charles out the prison to the carriage where Lucie and the others await. He willingly goes to his death, hoping in this way that he will achieve some kind of redemption for his worthless life.

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