What are the 14 qualities a president must have?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You asked about 14 qualities a president must have. I think this is a great question. Every president is in a position to lead; yet, many factors can affect a president's effectiveness. Sometimes, these factors are beyond his control. During those times, he will have to rely on his wisdom, courage, and discretion to lead his people effectively.

In Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, it states that no one can be president who has not attained the age of thirty five years. The general consensus is that older men/women have greater wisdom, either gained from life experience or by acquired knowledge. Presidents may also be men and women of great integrity, honesty, and humility. They will be humble enough to listen to the opinions of their constituents and honest enough to admit that there are varied ways to solve a problem. Also, their moral integrity will earn them the respect of their countrymen, allies, and even their enemies.

I will also say that a great leader (for that is what a good president will be) is not afraid to work hard. His work ethic is a shining example for everyone he leads. His commitment to his country's success can only earn his country-men's respect and admiration. Along with a great work ethic, a leader's confidence in the policies of his administration also lends credibility to his leadership. Through his own confidence, he inspires the same in everyone who follows him. In times of trial, he remains calm. His utmost control highlights his resolve, motivation, and determination to overcome any difficulties he must encounter in the service of his nation.

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