tabulate 10 differences between traditional and modern gender roles?

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Differences Between Traditional And Modern Gender Roles



  1. 1.     The husband goes to work as the main breadwinner and the woman stays at home to look after the children and keep house.

Both parents work to earn money or even just the mother works and the father stays at home with the children.

  1. 2.     Parliament was considered a “man’s job” and comprised of only males.

Parliament is now comprised of both males and females.

  1. 3.     Pilots were only male

Pilots are both male and female

  1. 4.     Only men were highly educated.

Women are just as or more educated than men.

  1. 5.     Presidents and mayors were only male.

In some countries, the president and mayor are female.

  1. 6.     Women were not allowed in the army, navy or air force.

Women are now allowed in all three, even the combat units.

  1. 7.     Only males could be good athletes. Recognition of female athletes was scarce.

Women are just as good athletes as men and are well recognised by the world.

  1. 8.     Women and people of a certain race were considered inferior and therefore not allowed to vote.

Anyone over the legal age can vote.

  1. 9.     The decision maker in the family was the male (patriarchy)

The decision making is a joint endeavour

10. Only women are good cooks

Today some of the best chefs in the world are male