T.V on sale for $600 . the sale price is 20 % less than regular price. What was the regular price in dollars? Give answer to nearest one hundredth.

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Given the current price of a TV = $600

The current price is the price after 20% cut:

Then let us assume that x is the original price...

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The  sale price  of the TV = $600.

It  is said the sale price is after a 20% less than the rgular price.

So the if the regular price  P , then after 20% reduction, the sale price  is P - P(20/100) = P- P/5 = 4P/5.

Therefore 4P/5  should be equal to $600 sale price.

So 4P/5 = $600.

Multiplying both sides of the equation by 5 , we get:

(4P/5)*5 = $600*5.

4P = $3000.

Divide both sides by 4:

4P/4 = $3000/4

P = $750.

Therefore the regular price of the TV = $750.

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