Synthesis means adding supporting examples. True or false?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

False.  Synthesis is the process in writing where you conclude your writing by successfully restating the main idea of the writing.  Think about the process of synthesis like you are taking an engine apart; once you find the problem and fix it, you have to put the engine back together.  The same is true about a paragraph or essay.  Once you give examples that support your topic sentence/thesis, analyze those examples on how or why they support the topic sentence, you need to wrap up or conclude your paragraph/essay by putting those elements together and restating the main idea of the paragraph/essay.  That is called synthesis.  It is important to effectively conclude your writing in either a sentence at the end of the paragraph or a paragraph at the end of an essay so your writing is cohesive and stays on the subject introduced in your thesis/topic sentence.