Phantom Of The Opera Story

What is the synopsis of "The Phantom of The Opera"?

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux is a novel about a mysterious "phantom" who lives in an opera house. The story begins as old opera directors are handing over the opera house to new directors, and everyone is excited about a new star, Christine Daae. A wealthy man named Raoul watching the opera falls in love with Christine. Meanwhile, the new directors upset the phantom by not saving him a box seat. As the new directors settle in, there are a series of mysterious events and murders due to the new directors not following rules that are laid out by the phantom. When Christine tells Raoul that she cannot see him anymore though she loves him, he discovers that the phantom has been tutoring Christine in music and is insanely jealous. It is discovered that the Phantom has an underground lair filled with gunpowder, and if Christine will not marry him, he will set it off. However, at the end he has a change of heart and allows Christine and Raoul to marry, as he dies of heartbreak.

arvinna | Student

this novel revolves around the mystery of the phantom of the opera house in paris.the story is abt a triangular love affair between three major characters:the phantom,christine daae,a young beautiful Norwegian opera singer;and raoul,the ariostatic Vicomte De Chagny.Christine in PAris  latest opera ssensation.She is tutored by the operan ghost who,in,return,wants her hand in marriagge.She is torn between loyalty to her 'angel of music'[the phantom of the opera]and herold suitor,raoul.This fascinatingdrama of love,hate,envy,jealousyand vegenance reaches a climax when Christine is kidnapped by the Phantom.Eventuaally,The Phantom of Opera realizes his mistake of being selfish and revengeful.The novel ends with Christine Dae and Raoul leaving Paris to start a new life elsewhere.