Symbols That Represent Social Issues? I need to write an essay and I need three symbols in the book that represent a single social issue(such as racism, stuff like that). It has to be parallel, so 3 objects, or settings, etc. It can't be people though. Thanks in advance.

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A symbol of class division can be seen in the Ewell's fence. This fence is made of the handles of shovels and rakes and other items pulled from the dump. It signifies the separation between the Ewells and the rest of Maycomb.

Furthermore, this fence made of trash symbolizes the characterization of the family as "trash". 

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Jem's and Scout's Morphodite Snowman is the innocent creation of the children, representing the black inner core of mud (symbolizing the Negro) and the snow white outside (denoting the white man). The Quarters, the residence of Maycomb's black citizens, is a symbol of racism and segregation. Dolphus Raymond prefers Coca-Cola (and its brownish/blackish color) to the whiskey that everyone else thinks he drinks; likewise, he prefers Negroes to the company of white people.

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