The symbols on the stone head for the dead people:what does angels represent what does flowers represent what does the cross represent what does a candle represent    

mkcapen1 | Student

After people die, it is customary to place a head stone at their grave.  While this is not the case in all cultures, it is common in many different cultures.  Different items carved into the headstone or placed around it represent different things.  The flowers on the grave were first placed as a gift to the person who died.  It was meant to be the last gift they would receive.  This practice evolved from the early times when flowers were placed on a person's body or casket to prevent people from smelling the strong odor as the body decayed.  The angels occupy Heaven with God in the Christian faith.  The angels on the stone are placed there as a reminder that they are watching over the loved one who has died.  The cross is a Christian symbol which represents Jesus Christ and the gift he gave to Christians when he died on the cross.  Last of all is the candle.  The candle represents the eternal light symbolizing the eternal life that will never go out once a person goes to heaven. 

I wouldlike to add one correction as I was reminded by another edior that flowers at graves have been around since the development of early civilizations.  For those civilizations flowers may have represented the last gifts. 

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you don't need anything on a headstone like that you just can leave it paln with the words and the year of death thats all u will get a better mark trust me