Discuss the symbolism of the "nursery" in the story "The Yellow Wallpaper."  

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The symbolism of the nursery in "The Yellow Wallpaper" has to do with the manner in which the narrator is treated and seen by her husband (and others).  The narrator tells the audience that her husband is a doctor, and therefore, he knows what must be wrong with her--she "qualifies" this by stating that her brother is also a doctor.  Further, her husband John takes all care away from her, suggesting that John looks after her every need and does not allow her to do anything for herself.  The narrator says that every part of her day is prescribed by her husband, and he has made all the decisions regarding their summer home.  In essence, John treats the narrator like she is a baby who needs continual care.  The narrator is stripped of her autonomy, and the nursery represents her disenfranchisement. 

kride09 | Student

The Narator of the story is suffering from post-pardom depression. Her husband thought it would be a good idea for her to not see her baby while she was still ill. So instead of seeing the room as a prison which it is. She sees it in the eyes of the thigs she misses she immagines (becuse she is a writer and often makes things better than they seem) that the room is a nusery, the wall paper is torn becuase of children ripping it, bites on the bed from children playing, rings on the wall and bars on the windows because it was a playroom and gym. But in all actuality it is a like a prison, where they were chained to the bed.. there were tears becuase that was as far as you could reach while tied down, and the rings on the wall to be chained, bars on the windows to keep the person from escaping, and the gated stairs just incase they got out of the room. it was a prison that she couldn't see because her immaginative mind kept her from looking into actuality she was to intrested into writing and missing her child.. so she say it as a nusery.

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