What is the symbolism in the story "Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan?

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One symbol that remains present throughout the story is the wind. In a way, the wind acts as Waverly's best friend. That's a bit sad to think about, but the wind functions very much like an imaginary friend. The wind whispers wisdom in her ear in the same way that little kids carry on conversations with friends that only they can see:

It whispered secrets only I could hear.

The wind also gives Waverly strength and hope. It should be noticed that it is the wind that pushes her "up toward the night sky." The wind pushes her toward freedom which is in opposition to what Waverly's mother is doing to her.

A second symbol present in the story is the fish and turtles that are held prisoner in the shop nearby Waverly's home. The fish and turtles are trapped just like Waverly is trapped. They struggle to escape, but they are not capable of it in the same way that Waverly is controlled and trapped by her mother and her mother's desires:

Farther down the street was Ping Yuen Fish Market. The front...

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