The symbol for justice features a woman wearing a blindfold illustrating that the law should be applied the same way regardless of who the parties are. Does the UCC rule seem to contradict this?

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Karyth Cara eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On the contrary, the U.C.C. seems to uphold this image in the legal field ov business and contract law. The U.C.C. is the Uniform Commercial Code and, as its' name implies, aims to uniformly apply commerical law to all, regardless of clas, racial, ethnic, gender or any other kind of difference.

§ 2-401. Passing of Title; Reservation for Security; Limited Application of This Section.

Each provision of this Article with regard to the rights, obligations and remedies of the seller, the buyer, purchasers or other third parties applies irrespective of title to the goods except where the provision refers to such title. (U.C.C.)