What does the symbol B stand for in the periodic table?

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Boron, which is number 5 on the chart, is identified by the letter B. It is a naturally occurring element that is found in sedimentary rocks, coal, shale, and some soils. The most common use of boron is in boric acid, which is used as a natural pesticide and can be used to treat fungal infections. The commercial name for boric acid is "borax," which can be used in detergents. (I have used borax to kill fleas in carpets; some people prefer it because it is not as harmful to children or pets as other pesticides are.)

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The symbol "B" on the periodic table stands for Boron.

Boron is a Group 13 element whose properties place it on the border between metals and nonmetals.  It is a semiconductor, and chemically it is closer to silicon than to aluminum, gallium, indium, and thallium.

The most common sources of boron are tourmaline, borax, and kernite.  Boron is used to produce the color green in pyrotechnics and flares.  It is also used as an ignition source in rockets, and also in nuclear reactors as radiation shields and neutron detectors.  Boron filaments are often used in the aerospace industry because of their light weight and great strength.

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