In the novel "The Swiss Family Robinson" what did the family have for breakfast the first day on the island?

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On the day the family first land on the island, they do not eat first thing in the morning.  They get up, have morning prayers, and then load themselves and some animals and supplies into the raft of wooden tubs they have made.  This is described in Chapter Three.  

After landing on the island, they unload their vessel and make themselves a meal.  All this is described in Chapter Four.  The meal is soup, which they make from cubes of "portable soup" (i.e. bouillon) in a pot.  Having no bowls or spoons, they use oyster shells to scoop up the soup.  They cook the oysters in order to get the shells open, and the boys try swallowing the oyster meat, but do not like it.  It is also implied that they add some "biscuit" ... that is, hardtack. 

This is their first meal on the island, but it cannot be called breakfast, as it takes them all day to get it.  Shortly after they eat, the sun sets, and they bed down in their tent. 

Chapter Five describes the family's first morning on the island.  Their breakfast is biscuit, supplemented by meat from a lobster which ten-year-old Jack had caught the day before.  The oldest boy, Fritz, shares his biscuit and a claw of the lobster with the dogs to get them to trust him again, because he had beaten them the day before. 

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