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A swimming pool is 50 m long. Water is 1m deep at the shallow end & 3m deep at deep end. If the bath is 10m wide, find the volume of water in pool.

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I would divide this problem into two parts.

First, find the volume of the slice of the pool that is the depth of the shallow end.

50m x 10m x 1m = 500m^3.

Second, find the volume of the deeper portion.

Looking at it from the side, this forms a right-angle triangle. If you consider the height to be the length of the pool, or 50m, then the base is 2m (3m depth at deep end - 1m already considered). The area of a triangle is 1/2 (b x h).

1/2 (50m x 2m) = 1/2 (100m^2) = 50m^2.

Now, multiply the area of the triangle by the width of the pool, or 10m.

50m^2 x 10m = 500m^3

Now add the two pieces together:

500m^3 + 500m^3 = 1000m^3

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