In "The Swimmer," how does Neddy Merrill relate to the world in which he moves? Why does he decide to swim home?  

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The character of Neddy Merrill is initially represented as one of continual youthful exuberance and vitality. He approaches the world around him as an invitation, with a general spirit related to the belief that “his life was not confining.” He views his surroundings as full of potential, and the act of swimming home through the “Lucinda River” is his way of interacting with those possibilities. As Neddy describes, “making his way home by an uncommon route gave him the feeling that he was a pilgrim, an explorer, a man with a destiny…”; in this sense, he is understanding himself as having some measure of control over both himself and the world around him, and that his interactions with these spaces will have some positive outcome. In this world, Neddy views himself as on top, which is indicated in his description of his neighbors as...

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