Sweet are the uses of adversity." How did Duke Senior experience it in Forest of Arden?

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Duke Senior was usurped by his brother and was forced to flee for his life to the Forst of Arden. There he and his few loyal followers manage to live like Robin Hood of old, mainly by killing deer. This sort of life actually appeals to many people today, as proved by the fact that families love to go camping, sleeping in tents, cooking on ourdoor fireplaces, and eating in rustic fashion. The Duke finds that nature offers many pleasures not to be found in claustrophobic, unnatural, treacherous, crowded court settings where people lived in poisonous luxury with nothing to do but indulge in vice and intrigue. He is actually happier there in the forest than he was in his palace. He has discovered a truth known to philosophers and prophets since the most ancient times--that the greatest values in life are peace of mind, simplicity, freedom, and love of nature.


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