Surviving a DisasterA blizzard devastates your school community you and your class are stranded in the school yard. How will you and your classmates survive by using the environment?Environment-...

Surviving a Disaster

A blizzard devastates your school community you and your class are stranded in the school yard. How will you and your classmates survive by using the environment?


- Climate
- Food- Water
- Clothing
- Shelter

Expert Answers
jorja2u eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, it would be pretty difficult for a blizzard to "devastate your school community" since the winds are not that strong. Do you mean that you are not able to get back into the school building? If so, your group would need to huddle up closely to stay warm, and stay put in an area with the least wind. If there is anything nearby to use to screen the wind, drag it over and huddle under it. You could go hand in hand to nearby cars to get more shelter. It is dangerous to wander during a blizzard as visibility can be near zero. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait it out. Blizzards don't last long. Many people in blizzard zones carry emergency kits in their cars with food, water, blankets, and candles. Ask if anyone has these supplies. If you are actually stranded in the school without power, you can build fires in metal trash cans to stay warm. Again, huddle together. Have as many people in each room as possible. There should be food that does not need cooking in the kitchen. Also, you can heat up snow for water and small pots of grub. Take down the drapes and cover up. Best idea is to picture yourself there and be creative!

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shelter is the first thing that you will need. Blizzards are very harsh. Without shelter, one would certainly perish quickly. Hopefully, you are able to get back in to the school building. It seems pretty extreme that the school body is stuck in the school yard. In addition, when a blizzard occurs it means that temperatures are very low. The most important thing to do is get back into the school.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The first thing you need to do is seek shelter. I suggest finding some way to get into the school building, where it will be easier to stay warm. If possible, find the part of the building or the building that houses the kitchens. Not only will there be food you can use until you can leave or are rescued, but there might be a heat source there that's not out of commission.
colethab | Student

A blizzard is pretty devastating.  Food and water are important, but if you can't find adequate shelter then your really in trouble. So, first and foremost, you need shelter. A blizzard is a severe weather storm that not only creates winds at 35 mph or greater, you also have an issue with snow blowing around in that wind.  Visibility can drop down to nothing very quickly in a blizzard.  In addition, most people perish from hypothermia due to the very cold conditions.  Blizzard happen in areas where it snows. 

rlendensky | Student

While I find this situation to be a little extreme it is not necessarily a bad one. The first order of business would of course be to find shelter. I would consider using different natural items such as wood, etc. Water would not be a big issue since snow melts into water and I can't see a class of students being stranded for long enough that they would need food but if they did, grass coulod be used similarly to lettuce. It would have no nutritional value whatsoever but it would help fill the stomach and subside hunger pains temporarily.