Survey on The GiverWhat do you think happened to the community 10 years later? This is a survey in Toronto for our school.

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I'll play devil's advocate and say that I think the community will be unable and unwilling to deal with the harsh pain of memories.  They'll force someone else into the position of receiver of memories, redouble their efforts to chemically numb themselves to all feeling and all pain, and work even harder to ensure that the receiver of memories is guarded more carefully.  Why do I think this?  Because the community has not bred a generation that can handle such unpleasant things as pain, death, and suffering.  When someone is hurt, they immediately get "relief of pain".  No one is allowed to feel discriminated against, or to feel left out, as rudeness is against the rules.  I think the system of observation and listening in to all conversations will continue to thrive, as the community leadership will want to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.  Also, the name "Jonas" will obviously be forbidden to ever be spoken, and his family will be ashamed until they forget him very quickly, as they are unfeeling and cruel.

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I want to agree with jennyrocks. I was always of the mindset that Jonas and Gabe managed to get away to another community at the end, and that they found a place with love and colors and music. In my optimism, I would hope that the community that Jonas left behind managed to deal with the memories and that the memories reminded them of all the good things they were missing out on as well as the bad. Sometimes a society needs to fall apart a little before it can improve.

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Let me start off with "I love this book". I wish I could teach it (our middle school does so obviously I can't at the high school level).

I personally think that after Jonas left and the memories flooded the community, nobody knew what to do right away. They were probably all confused and scared, but as time went on they were able to deal with what they had. After everything was settled, I personally see the community as having become more like it was in the past where people married for love, saw in color, did the jobs they wanted to do, and all of the "normal things" that we do nowadays. I think the use of censorship, and the pills were no longer implemented either.

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