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Surveillance cameras have caught prison inmates teaching other inmates how to disarm a police officer. Apply Sutherland’s Differential Association theory to the prison subculture.

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Sutherland's differential association theory is a theory that explains why some people practice deviant behavior. His theory emphasizes the social learning aspect of deviance and posits that people learn deviant or criminal behavior from others. He believed that people learn these techniques, attitudes, and motives from others in an intimate and personal way that forms a bond of communication between one person and others. In other words, the transmission of the attitudes and techniques that form criminal behavior is part of a very personal form of communication. 

Sutherland's theory can be used to explain the prison subculture and the scenario in the question. When people are in prison, fellow prisoners form their social group. They are distanced from other groups, such as the guards and from their families at home. As a result, prisoners are in an ideal position to learn from other prisoners, including learning strategies and attitudes that are conducive to committing crimes. This is...

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