Surfing internet is an interesting pastime

Expert Answers
Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Surfing the Internet can be an interesting past time if used constructively. There are an abundance of resources on the Worldwide Web, some very high-quality, some less so, for doing research and investigations on a host of topics. I find that thoughtful, well-planned research on the Internet can be very worthwhile.

In addition, just roaming the Web for interesting stories, facts, and to view cultural events such as music concerts and literature readings are also very enjoyable. However, I find that when I haphazardly - without at least some semblance of a plan - roam the Web, I can get bogged down on frivolous, less than informative sites that actually wast my time.

Too much of this and soon time has flown so much that hours have been wasted. This is the negative side of less-focused Internet browsing and it can be very unproductive.

wanderista | Student

Surfing the internet can be an interesting pastime, indeed! I will assume that you are asking why the internet is an interesting pastime, because it says 'explanation' in the tags.

The reasons for the internet being an enjoyable pastime is because the internet allows the brain to escape its current problems and anxieties; it is a distraction! The brain would much rather read the breaking news or play online games than do mundane day to day tasks like homework, washing or cooking dinner. The internet is a readily available information tool that anyone can use, and that anyone can enjoy. 

laurto | Student

Surfing the internet can be a very interesting pastime. Surfing the internet is great because it's a distraction of real life. While surfing the internet you can chat with friends, check email, and stay updated on your favorite things. You can find new things like music or movies or even books.