The surface area of a cube is 600cm^2. What is the volume of the cube.

Expert Answers
robinmoved eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Remember, all sides are = on a cube.Surface area is the area of each side of a figure, added together. As a cube has 6 sides, take the total surface area and divide by 6 to find the area of one side.

600cm^2(area is always in squared units) and divide by 6.


Therefore, each side of the cube has an area of 100cm^2. If the area of each square is 100cm^2, take the square root of 100 to find the length of each side of each square, as (side)^2=Area.

Square root of 100=10.If each side length =10 and Volume of a cube is (side)^3,

10^3=1000cm^3 as the volume. (volume is always is units cubed.)

justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The surface area of a cube of length l is equal to 6*l^2. The volume of the cube is equal to l^3.

The cube in the problem has a surface area of 600

6*l^2 = 600

=> l^2 = 100

=> l = 10

This gives a volume of the cube of 1000 cm^3.