A surbodinate comes in office in the morning completely upset and confused with family/home matters! How can i make him come back to normal situation?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
How a manager deals with subordinates is largely depended upon that person's style of management. If I was dealing with a subordinate distracted by matters outside of work, I might pull them aside and speak with them privately. I might encourage them to set this problem aside and focus on the work situation at hand. Other managers might take a more blunt approach or speak with the person regardless of the presence of others. Another manager might ignore the issue altogether, not wishing to be involved in his/her subordinates personal lives. There are many different ways to handle management issues. Finding the way you, as the manager, are most comfortable with can be a good start. If the manager is uncomfortable, those he leads will be as well. It is also important to balance your own comfort level against that of the subordinates. Finding a happy median that works for everyone in the office is part of the task of a manager.