Supreme court justices are often active in the selection of new justices, advising the president as to whom he should pick. name and explain both. potential positive benefits and a potential negative results o allowing the justices to influence the presidents choice.   u.s. government

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  • Supreme Court justices are legally qualified. Although there are numerous lawyers serving in Congress, the primary role is political, not judicial. Serving judges are the best people to decide who would be the right candidates for the bench.
  • Getting Supreme Court justices involved takes some of the politics out of the nomination process. What ultimately matters is not whether justices are conservative or liberal, but rather their ability to decide complex cases.


  • Nominations for the Supreme Court are a long-standing part of the democratic process. This is one of the few ways that the people's representatives can exercise any degree of control over what is an unelected institution. Greater involvement by judges in that process will further serve to perpetuate the existence of a judicial elite, far removed from the public's concerns.
  • It is naive to suggest that the Supreme Court is purely a judicial institution. It also has a very important political role to play in the American...

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