Suppose you want to change an organization's culture.  What sort of resistance would an employers expect from employees

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I think changing an organization's culture is the most important decision facing leadership in organizational culture.  One of the most common examples of resistance would be a resentment towards changing embedded cultural elements.  If an organization has become accustomed to "the way things are done," there will be some resistance in bringing in new elements and seeking to make change.  Employees might offer resistance in a variety of areas.  One particular perception that would bring about resentment is if change is made simply for the sake of change.  Management that is perceived to simply create change for its own sake will encounter resistance.  If leadership decides to embrace a path simply because it is different, some level of resistance can be expected from employees as its goals are not clear.  This becomes especially so if the organization has experienced success on some level.  Change just for its own sake might be seen as seeking to disrupt the pattern of success...

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