How could a teacher support and advise a learner with the same dream as Veronica in Valley Song?The learner is in the same circumstances as Veronica.

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teachers can support students by encouraging them to have dreams while also giving them the tools to pursue them.

Veronica is poor and does not have many opportunities open to her.  Like many children of poverty, she comes from a broken home.  Her mother ran off when she was a teenager, had Veronica, and died. 

Author does kind of serve the role of a teacher.  He encourages Veronica to explain her dream.  Teachers are doing their kids a disservice when they just encourage dreams without questioning them.  Kids need to realize that dreams are okay, but they can only be accomplished if you work toward them.

The author comments that he is jealous of Veronica’s youth.

The future belongs to you now.  There was a time when it was mine, when I dreamt about it in the way you do, but not anymore. (p. 58)

Teachers need to not stand in the way of their students’ dreams even as they give them a reality check.

In Veronica’s case, the teacher could nurture her dreams by making sure to enroll her in music classes and trying to get her scholarships to camps and lessons, and possibly an arts-based school.  This will set Veronica up for success and make her dream possible.