Suppose that you see a color made up of 66% red, 34% green, and no blue. Keeping the same color fractions, what are the RGB values corresponding to the maximum intensity of this color? (hint: one of them must be set to 255) 

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The color ratio given is R : G = 66% : 34% and B=0. This means that


We have to find maximum `R` and `G` values preserving this ratio. The maximum value RGB (8-bit RGB) can hold at each component is `255.` The more the values, the more the intensity. It is obvious that `R` must reach this maximum value, because 66%>34%. So `R` must be set to 255 and `G` picked up to preserve the ratio. Therefore

`G=R*(34%)/(66%)=255*(34)/(66) approx 131.4.`

Because `G` must be an integer number, select `G=131.`  G=132 may be also a candidate.

The answer: for the maximum intensity, RGB must be (255, 131, 0).

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