Suppose a line was drawn to connect P(-3) and P(6). what is the slope of the line?

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The content of the problem is opened to more interpretations.

Supposing that you consider a linear function `f(x) = mx+b`  that will pass through given points and the slope of the line is given by m.

You need to remember that you need to know both coordinates of the points to find the slope of the line. SInce the problem only provides x coordinates for two points, you need to evaluate y coordinates to use the slope formula:

`m = (f(6)-f(-3))/(6-(-3))`

`m = (f(6)-f(-3))/9`

Hence, evaluating the slope of line under given conditions yields `m = (f(6)-f(-3))/9` .

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For a line to have a slope, the points must have at least two coordinates, for example (-3, 0) and (6,2) in which the left coordinate is the x-coordinate and the right coordinate is the y-coordinate.

The slope is the difference between the y-coordinates divided by the difference between the x-coordinates.