Suppose Harrison from "Harrison Bergeron" took over the country. What might happen in today's society?I need three ideas, a paragraph for each one

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since Harrison declares himself emperor when he breaks into the television studio, had he lived, he would have been dictatorial.  His words, "Now watch me become what I can become!" indicate that he truly wants to be superior to all others.

  • Having selected his empress from the beautiful ballerinas; he will probably be supported a court of brillant young men like himself and beautiful women like the ballerinas. But, he may be something like the World Controllers of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, an elitist group who have special privileges while the other members of the society are in castes. 
  • Or, he may become like a dictator, who has complete control.  Opposition to his rulings will not be tolerated, and some people who cannot speak well like the announcer, or cannot find profitable work may be eliminated.  Most likely, the very slow people may be institutionalized or euthanized.
  • Harrison will establish a very elitist society such as those that had aristocracies.  These people will be the ones who have had to wear the most handicaps. Those who have few handicaps will be servants to the aristocracy. There will be no support for those who do not work. No mediocrity will be accepted since mediocrity was the goal of Bergeron's society. Those who cannot measure up will be assigned to  labor jobs.