SuperStar!This discussion is about the gossip about superstars!

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I think it's very hard to be a superstar. You're known by everyone, but no one really knows you. People follow you around tryng to take your picture. They make money going through your garbage. It'd hard to have a normal life, because everyone wants something from you.
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I happen to agree with most of the previous posts.  If we would all pay as much attention to our own lives, the lives of those around us who are in need, and the government officials we have put in office as we do the ridiculous antics of Hollywood types (and even some professional athletes), our country would be in a much healthier state. 

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People who become superstars whether it be a famous athlete or actor give up their privacy when they achieve superstar status. I for one get tired of seeing lead news stories on network news about what a superstar did or did not do. It seems to me there are much more important news stories out there.

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I cannot for the life for me imagine why anyone would want to be famous. I totally understand wanting to make a good living at something you love doing, but to pursue fame as such is so weird. Having people you don't know who actually want to know about your private life, never having privacy, having your loved ones followed and photographed....bleh, it sounds horrible.  If you want someone to admire, pick people who have made discoveries, advanced knowledge, done great things for others.

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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

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I think "superstars" get way to much attention. I really don't like watching the news and seeing some celebrity getting headline news for something insignificant they have done, while other more important stories take a back seat. Many of them do not behave well and set a poor example for our children. To me "superstars" live on a different planet and society has put them on a pedestal of which they are undeserving.

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Taylor Swifts song, "Superstar," has disappointing, but not surprising lyrics. The world has one more unremarkable country song portraying women (girls) as silly imbeciles who need the attention of a man in order to be whole or validated. There’s nothing new in a girl being in love with someone unattainable.

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The label superstar is given by public, but many superstars really become stars and goes beyond the reach of ordinary people. Superstars are now being produced giving a little effort. Once they gain public's attention, many a times, they lose the sense of responsibility they do have towards this society. Many "superstars" run after cheap popularity, and very soon, get diminished.

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People tend to admire the less important and simple things . Attention is often given to people who often are just the products of the entertainment industry .

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