Super safe secrets So I have to write a book report, due tomorrow. My instructions were to give three awards to the book. This isnt the challenging part, but one of my awards will be "Super Safe Secrets" to recieve this award you must be a great secret keeper. Like an idiot i returned the book.. and now cant turn back to the part at the end where wilson is thanking everyone for their help and how they kept his secret very well blah blah blah...but i need the characters names and i cant rememberrr ahhhh.... obviously there is; wilson noah joeseph kate who elseeee? i will mention the guests, and i know that the piano player was one but i cant remember his name... assistance please? :D thanks in advancee.

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You may want to take a look at the link below.  I found it by going to Google Books, searching for the author and title of the book, and then searching within the book for the word "secrets." The listing of pages may not be complete, because the book is given only a limited preview on Google Books, but perhaps this link will help you.  Good luck!


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