If the sun is 93M miles away and the closest star is 270M times the distance from the sun, how long would it take to send light to that star?  

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The sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth and the distance of the closest star from the Earth is 270 million times the distance of the Earth from the sun.

Using this information the distance of the closest star from the Earth is 93*10^6*270*10^6 miles. The speed of light in miles per hour is 670616629 mph. The time taken (t) in terms of the distance traveled (d) when the speed (s) is given is t = d/s.

The time taken by a ray of light sent from the Earth to reach the star being referred to is  `(93*10^6*270*10^6)/(670616629) ~~ 37443151` hours. This is equal to approximately 4274 years.

Light would take approximately 37443151 hours to reach the star.

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The star is located 270 times the distance from the sun and earth.

Distance from sun to star `= 270xx10^6xx93xx10^6` miles

The speed of light is considered as `1.86xx10^5` mi/s.


Time taken to get light to star

`= (270xx10^6xx93xx10^6)/(1.86xx10^5)`

`= 1.35xx11` seconds


`= 4280.82` years


So it will take at least 4281 years to come light to that star. We can say probably that light will not come.