The summery of the story "girls" by Mrinal Pande 

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The story 'Girls' deals with the way Indian women is treated in our society. it basically tells us the unjustified idolatry of the male child and a woman's sensitive perspective and the hypocrisy of some rituals. it shows us how we treat women in our modern society. the whole story is narrated by an eight year old girl, who is the second daughter of a middle class family. her mother is a very irritable person, as she is going through her fourth pregnancy, and fervently hopes that it's a boy this time.

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The theme of Girls is oppression of girls in indian societies.Here the unnamed girls unwillingness to accept herself as a trouble.she retaliates to the hypocracy of  the society by which abuses the woman in the society wheareas pretends to worship woman on the another is a social releavent and unjustified favour towards the male child in the indian society.the whole story is narrated by an eight year old,who has an irritating mother going through her fourth pregnancy and desires a boy this emphasises the kind of torture some indian woman faces during her childhood days,in some or rather in all societies in india more or less.