The Open Window Questions and Answers
by Saki

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What is the summery of "The Open Window"?

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Framton Nuttel, who suffers from a nervous condition, has gone to the country on the advice of his doctor  and with the assistance of his sister, who has written letters of introduction for him so that he can call on people.

He goes to the home of the Sappleton family and is greeted by the niece, 15 year old, Vera.  While Nuttel and Vera wait for Mrs. Sappleton to join them, she tells him a story about why her aunt keeps the window open.

Vera explains to Nuttel that it is the 3rd anniversary of the Hunting Party's mysterious disappearance in the Bog.  Her Uncles and their dog went hunting on this very day three years ago and have not returned.  So as a memorial, in the hope that they will return, her aunt, Mrs. Sappleton keeps the window open, since that is the way the hunting party entered the house.

The story makes Nuttel very uneasy, he is a nervous man. When Mrs. Sappleton joins them, she explains that she is waiting for her husband and brothers to return from hunting.  He immediately thinks that she is crazy, according to Vera, the hunting party went out 3 years ago. 

All of a sudden, Nuttel spots the hunting party coming towards the house, Mrs. Sappleton acknowledges their return, expecting them, Vera looks shocked, Nuttel panics, runs out of the house believing that he has seen ghosts.  He rushes past Mrs. Sappleton without a word, Vera explains that he was afraid of the dog that is why he made such a quick exit. 

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